I am the girl who thought she’d be the next legal eagle Ally McBeal, wardrobe included. After 8 years of practicing at top law firms in Miami and clerking for a Federal Judge, I realized it wasn’t for me. I was successful, but not inspired. I needed to create. I needed to tell stories. One day I decided it would be my last day in a law firm. The next day, Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio was born. I haven’t looked back since.

I am blessed to live a life filled with passion and gratitude. Every day I get to interact with amazing people who entrust me and my team with the task of producing their dream event, be it a corporate event, wedding, offsite retreat, gala, brand activation or social celebration. Oftentimes I feel like I am the one who is dreaming. I have been recognized as an “industry innovator” and “event guru” because of my unique and fresh design approach. My team executes like none other.

My family is my everything. If you find me laughing or smiling out of the blue, it is likely because I am thinking of my husband and two daughters. 


Two everyday things I could not live without:
Art and music.

Two of my favorite songs:
Turn Your Lights Down Low, Bob Marley and Casta Diva (From Bellini’s Opera “Norma”) Paris 1958 with Maria Callas

Two snacks I could eat every day:
Macarons from La Durée and warm ready bake chewy chocolate chip cookies from Pillsbury.

Two of my favorite hotels:
Amanoi in Vietnam and Villa San Michele in Florence.

Two of my favorite cities:
Cape Town and Florence.

Two of my favorite beaches:
Praia de São José in Itacaré, Brasil and Magen’s Bay in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Two important goals:
Serve Haiti (my beloved rich country) and mentor others in the way that I have been mentored.

Two of my favorite books:
Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel.

Two of my favorite National Parks:
Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and Castillo San Felipe del Morro in Puerto Rico.

I look forward to learning more about you, your vision for your special event and sharing how we can bring it to reality.


Lili S.
Event Planner Lili S.
Melissa R.
Event Planner Melissa R.
Marijke N.
Event Planner Marijke N.
Kenzie P.
Senior Design Project Manager Kenzie P.

Some of Our Clients

Netflix is joke copy
gemini copy
dior copy
ACT Logo
Formula 1 event Planner
Knight Foundation Event Planner
Norwegian Cruise Lines Event Planner
Soft Bank Event Planner copy
Grand Marnier


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Kevin Hart

“Nathalie, thank you for creating another amazing experience for the Hartbeat Family. Luxe Fête is best in class.”

Kevin Hart
American comedian, actor and entrepreneur

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Groom: You are planner of the year. Oh my God!
Bride: Look at this! This is amazing!

Christina and D’Qwell
Bride and Groom

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Laugh Out Loud

“I said I want to make look it easy, I want to make it seamless. You have
exceeded every possible expectation that I have had. Thank you so so much.”

Thai R.
CEO of Laugh Out Loud

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“The Ayiti Community Trust Gala was the best gala in Miami this past season.”

Javier A. Soto
Former President of Miami Foundation

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“There are not words to describe what you have done for this family. Thank you for your vision Luxe Fête.”

Moji A.
Host of a Destination Birthday Party

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Wedding - Bride

“Working with Nathalie was the best decision we made during the process of organizing our wedding. She did an exemplary job. On top of that she has exquisite taste.”

Astrid A.

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Father of Groom

“Young lady, you could run a Fortune 500 company.”

Father of Groom

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Donna Karan

“I’m going to kidnap your daughter, she is so amazing and brilliant. Simply stunning design, a beautiful event.” Donna Karan to my Mother Evelyn.

Donna Karan
Noted Fashion Designer and Philanthropist

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Animo Summit

"The Animo Summit was an exceptional and memorable event. The people + setting + activities. Nothing felt forced, didn’t feel like work and got us off our phones. We connected.”

Andrea F.
Guest at Animo Summit

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“So incredible! Thanks again for your top notch work, flexibility and attention to detail.”

Emily B.
Gemini Cryptocurrency
Founded by Kyle and Tyler Winklevoss

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"I enjoyed the entire process because Nathalie made it stress free. We truly could not have had such a calm and enjoyable experience without her.”

Kristin M.