F1 Miami Grand Prix Paddock Club II

In 2023, the Miami Grand Prix was a finalist for the “Promotor of the Year” award for raising the bar significantly in its second year to produce an “outstanding” Grand Prix. The Autosport Awards is well established as the motorsport industry’s most prestigious award event. It was an honor to lead the design experience of the groundbreaking Paddock Club. We set new standards globally for luxury hospitality experiences.

Formula 1 is the world’s most prestigious motor racing competition, as well as the world’s most popular annual sporting series. The Paddock Club is known for being one of the most exclusive hospitality experiences available at F1 races around the world. So how does one design that experience? Design for me is first and foremost about the feeling that I want to elicit from guests. No rules. My intuition then leads me to a series of choices that physically manifests the “idea.” Below I share behind-the-scenes footage of our process, my team, and finally the design and experience of The Paddock Club.

Some highlights of this project:

* An unprecedented amount of suite holders in the spaces we designed and produced renewed for the following year on the very first day of the three-day race.

* We transformed over 200,000 SF of space to create an ultra-premium hospitality lounge.

* There were 6000 VIP guests

* The areas we designed (Rooftop, Lounge, Garden) did not exist beyond the raw spaces they encompassed. We transformed everything.

* Luxe Fête conceived and timely executed the space planning, design, flow, and production of the 200,000 SF + area.

* Luxe Fête spearheaded the event branding and identity of the Paddock Club.

* There were immeasurable social media impressions on the spaces we designed, and the feedback from the guests was very strong and positive as shared in this link: https://luxefete.com/portfolio/formula-1-miami-grand-prix-paddock-club/ 

Part 1:  The Process

Part 2: The Team

The Design and Experience