Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix Paddock Club

In 2023, the Miami Grand Prix was a finalist for the “Promotor of the Year” award for raising the bar significantly in its second year to produce an “outstanding” Grand Prix. The Autosport Awards is well established as the motorsport industry’s most prestigious award event. It was an honor to lead the design experience of the groundbreaking Paddock Club. We set new standards globally for luxury hospitality experiences.

As the world’s most prestigious annual sporting series, The Paddock Club is known for being the very pinnacle of the global sports hospitality experience. Luxe Fête was tasked with producing a Paddock Club that was relevant, would surprise and delight its guests, be culture forward and offer a world-class experience. In short, bring the magic of Miami to the magic of Formula 1.  Our team designed and executed over 200,000 SF of raw space from the ground up and successfully welcomed 6,000 VIP guests over the course of three days.

Miami’s time is now. We took part of a football stadium and transformed it into an ultra-luxurious experience that did not shy away from sharing an authentic Miami story.  Made legendary during the 1920s, today the city is more relevant than ever on a global scale. Our “Miami Nice” design for the Formula 1 Paddock Club paid homage to the glamorous decorative and architectural style of Art Deco. This style continues to shape today’s idea of modern luxury and sophistication. With a slight nod to the Miami Dolphins, we pulled color inspiration from muted tones of aqua and orange on the Rooftop Lounge. We used native Florida plants in our designs and even curated a Piano Lounge reminiscent of the Buena Vista Social Club – all within the backdrop of the roaring sounds of F1 engines. A true Miami welcome.

The intended result of our work was to design an innovative, experiential event that activated Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix and supported a pipeline for VIP F1 enthusiasts. An unprecedented amount of suite holders in the spaces we designed and produced renewed for the following year on the very first day of the three-day race.

Guest Feedback
“A dream experience. The Paddock Club was to die for.”
“F1 may have just took the spot for my favorite Miami Event.”
“All new and quite sensational Paddock Club.”
“Epic Weekend”

Client Feedback:
“[M]any have described [your work] as setting the standard for the rest of the [Paddock Club] races.  In the beginning, you shared a presentation that began with “BE UNPREDICTABLE. BE REAL. BE INTERESTING. TELL A GOOD STORY.” And that is exactly what you did this past weekend.  Not a single complaint came from our guests in your spaces and that says a lot. We killed it. I am so proud to have worked with you and your team on this incredible feat. Thank you!”

For behind-the-scenes video watch here:
Piano Lounge 3 - F1 Miami Paddock Club
Piano Lounge 4 F1 Paddock Club - F1 Miami Paddock Club
Piano Lounge 5 F1 Paddock Club- F1 Miami Paddock Club
Piano Lounge 6 - F1 Miami Paddock Club
Piano Lounge 1 F1 Paddock Club -F1 Miami Paddock Club
Piano Lounge 5 F1 Paddock Club- F1 Miami Paddock Club
Rooftop After1-F1 Miami Paddock Club
Rooftop After2- F1 Miami Paddock Club
Rooftop After9- F1 Miami Paddock Club
Rooftop After11 F1 Miami Paddock Club
Rooftop After7- F1 Miami Paddock Club