Luna Park Restaurant Launch

A thoughtful grand opening is a great marketing strategy to create awareness for a new restaurant launch. Our client Luna Park, invited key customers into their establishment and showcased menu offerings and celebrated chefs, including a Michelin Star Chef from Italy. In addition to planning, designing and executing this event, we created an opportunity to connect with a local high school culinary program. It was incredibly rewarding for both parties.

For the opening, we drew inspiration from the great Federico Fellini. Our goal was to create a “Felliniesque” ambiance. One that carries a certain Italian sophistication yet earthiness, a fascination with freakiness yet a love of simplicity, all wrapped in a flamboyant Mediterranean approach to life and art. In short – magic that transcends realism.

How does this relate to food and a restaurant? We found in our research that pasta was what fed Fellini’s dreams, his magic realism, his visionary creations, his journeys inside man’s consciousness. Fellini’s films employ the human act of eating and drinking to pull the storyline – occasionally surreal and always bizarre — back down to earth. Food becomes an art at once visceral, sensory, and alive.

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